Joseph P. Jones
Magnus Investments
Project Director


Magnus Investments is a professional and local company that provides an alternative to the conventional house selling process. Call us today and find out just how quickly we can help you sell your house for cash.

We buy homes in need of repair, inherited Houses, Houses in Foreclosure, Ugly Houses, Abandoned Houses, and Fixer Uppers, all for CASH!

Do you have a home you are wanting to sell fast?

Avoid waiting for qualified borrowers, the red tape of lending, the hassle of home improvement before selling. Selling your house should not be a hassle. Selling your house for cash is a simple quick way to get your house sold and move on the the things you want to do without worry or delays.

Sell your home for CASH today!

Get out from underneath your mortgage, avoid foreclosure, get rid of a headache that simply will not sell.

We buy houses in the West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Southern Ohio areas, but we will discuss any property in any location, just call us at 304-654-7714 for more information.

  • No Mortgage Closing Costs
  • No Waiting for Qualified Buyers
  • Quick Sell
  • Cash in as little as 7 days
  • No Rehab Work
  • No Cleaning Needed
  • Leave the Junk
  • No Painting
  • No Waiting for a Mortgage Loan to Close


We pay cash, so we can close in as little as a week!!!

We are a local, professional company that can put cash in your hands and let you move on to better things.

We are not a nationwide cash buyer, we are a local investment group.

We never sell your information or contact you for any reason other than the purchase of your home.

No commissions, and no more waiting around!!! Why Wait?? How long do you want to pay taxes and insurance, and maintenance on a house you no longer want?

Sell your home or house fast for cash to a professional investor company. We buy Houses and close quickly.

Call us now at 304-654-7714


We know houses aren't perfect and many times are in need of repair. We buy houses in need of renovation As-Is. Magnus Investments Is a local professional company that pays cash for houses.

There are many reasons reasons we buy homes which are listed below:

 Stop Home Foreclosure, Handyman Specials, Relocation, Fire Damage,  Sell Rental Properties, Sell House fast, Behind on Mortgage Payments, Estate Settlement - Probate House, Debt Relief, Job Transfer, Abandoned Properties, Sell Ugly House, Bankruptcy, Vacant House, House Repairs, Sell House Online, Divorce, Inheritance, Two Mortgage Payments, 


Whatever the reason, you can sell your home fast for cash. We are  professional home buyers who will treat you fairly. Our goal is to create a true win-win solution. Even if your home is in great shape and requires no work, we have programs to buy your home.

Magnus Investments buys homes that require no repairs, and and we buy houses that need renovation.

Either way, Sell your house fast today!


We can purchase your house for cash and lift the weight off your shoulders in as little as 7 days.

Magnusl Investments provides a win-win solution to selling your house. Avoiding unnecessary costs and delays. Has your house been on the market for a long time? Are you having trouble finding qualified borrowers? You're not alone. many have turned to Magnusl investments to sell their house for cash quickly. We can buy your house even if there are renovations that need to be done. There is no need to clean or paint. There is no need to do any renovations on the property. just leave the mess for us.  Call us today and find out if we can assist you.

Selling your house or home does not have to be stressful. You can sell your house or home in as little as 7 days and get the cash you need fast. is a website that provides information regarding a potential purchase of houses. Magnus Investments makes no guarantees or warranties concerning the house buying process. We are not a Lender, nor are we a Real Estate Company. We are a local investment group that purchases houses fast in West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Southern Ohio.

In summery, Magnus Investments purpose is to assist in selling houses or homes fast in WV, Ohio, and KY. We help if you can't sell your house, are filing for bankruptcy, do not want to do repairs before selling, your getting a divorce, you want to sell your house or home in WV, KY, or Ohio. Call us if you want to sell your house or home in Huntington,WV Barboursville,WV, Wayne, WV, Ashland, KY, South Point, Ohio, Ceredo, WV, Kenova, WV, or anywhere else in the tri state area. Selling a home is easier than you think. We purchase homes for cash in as little 7 days. We do not charge commissions of any kind. Call us if you want to sell your house by yourself, I want to sell my house myself. i want to stop foreclosure, I have bad credit, I can't get a mortgage, I need cash to buy in West Virginia, Kentucky, or Ohio, I am losing my house!, I need to sell my house quickly in WV, KY, or Ohio. Where can I get money fast? I can't afford my house anymore, I need to sell my house fast in WV, KY, or Ohio. For sale by owner in WV, KY, or Ohio. Selling your house in WV can take as little as 7 days and is quick and easy. If you want to sell your home for cash in WV, KY, or Southern Ohio, call us and we can help you sell your home. Magnus Investments will discuss all potential sale requests.



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